Women know what they’re doing

On March 7th from 11.00 to 18.00 there will be a special event in Blue City featuring women writers, bloggers, journalists, trainers, dieticians and psychologists. During panel discussions these women are going to discuss topics concerning where women can source the strength to face up to life’s challenges, what role in their lives is played by passion and personal development as well as how to look after oneself and  where and how to find pleasure. They’ll also be workshops on e.g. the preparation of environmentally friendly household cleaning products and demonstrations of warm up exercises.


Event program

11.10-11.30 – POWERSPEECH


Talks with women journalists and female authors of books, not only for women


Taking part:


– Sylvia Chutnik – writer, three times nominated for the NIKE book award. A columnist for „Polityka”, „Pani”, Wysokich Obcasów” and „Gazeta Wyborcza”. Author of books „Kieszonkowy Atlas Kobiet”, „Dzidzia”, „Cwaniary”, „Smutek Cinkciarza” as well as „ Warszawa Kobiet” and collections of her newspaper/magazine articles, „Mama ma zawsze racja”, “Proszę Wejść. Więzienie and historie nieprawdziwe”. Karolina Sulej – journalist, writer, editor. Co-presenter of TVP Kultura program, „Cappuccino z ksiązką”. Contributor to „Wysokich Obcasów”, „Duzego Formatu, Magazyn Ksiązki”, „Cilture.pl” and „Kukbuka”. She is also the author of the book „Modni. Od Arkadiusza do Zienia” Swiat Ksiązki 2015 – a collection of articles about Polish fashion since 1989 as well as the collection „Wszyscy jesteśmy dziwni”.

Dorota Warakomska – journalist, opinion columnist. public speaking trainer, coach


Introduced by Anna Dudek, journalist from Wysokich Obcasów.



12.10-12.30 – book signing by authors and yoga with Kama Sierocka


12.30-13.10 – WARSAW FOR WOMEN

Meeting with the President of Warsaw’s representative for women’s issues -Katarzyna Wilkołaska- Zuromska


Introduced by Karolina Jaroszewicz – head of special editions, Wysokich Obcasów


13.10-13.30 – yoga with Kama Sierocka


13.30-13.50 – POWERSPEECH


13.50-14.30 – POWER OF WOMEN

A discussion on the topic of how to source the strength to face up to life’s challenges. In this meeting will take part:

Anna Osowska-Rembecka – a colonel in the Prison Service, social worker, lecturer, member of the Program Council of the Women’s Congress, social activist. Co-author of a guide to domestic and work-place violence, organiser of national conference of women in uniformed services. First contact expert for support to victims of violence in the family at the Centre of Women’s Rights Foundation.

-Karolina Korwin-Piotrowska – journalist and author of many books.


Introduced by Katarzyna Owczarek – Program Director of the project „Women know what they’re doing”.


14.30-14.50 – book signing and yoga with Kama Sierocka


14.50-16.00 – SELF CARE


How to find time in everyday life to remember about yourself and your needs, to take care of your body and above all of your psyche. Taking part in the meeting will be:

– Basia Tworek – yoga teacher and psychologist. Blogs about yoga on RADIO YOGA and a has a yoga Youtube channel which trains future yoga instructors, creator of on-line programs which can be used at home

Justyna Kokoszenko-Blimsien – blogger (Blimsien.com), journalist, fashion designer, creator and founder of facebook group „Girl Gang by Blimsien” which supports women on a sisterhood basis (idea of sisterhood).

– Katarzyna Blazejewska-Stuhr – dietician and psychologist-dietician, blogger kachblazejewska.pl


Introduced by Aga Kozak – independent journalist writing for amongst other titles Gazeta Wyborcza and Wysokich Obcasow. Co-creator of the Instytut Dobrego Zycia (Institute of Good living), Trainer.



16.00-17.30 ECOLOGY

What can and should every woman do every-day to help fight the looming ecological catastrophe. In this meeting will take part:

-Sylvia Majcher – journalist, author of the best-selling book „Gotuje, nie marnuje. Kuchnia zero waste po polsku” and „Wykorzystuje, nie marnuje. 52 wyzwania Zero Waster”.

– Urszula Mijakoska – founder of the Intytut Swiadomego Rozwoju i Szkoly Diet Coaching. (Institute of Conscious Development and the School of Diet Coaching)

– Katarzyna Wilkolaska-Zuromska – President of Warsaw’s representative for women’s issues.

Introduced by: Katarzyna Ludwinska – editor in Chief of Gazeta Wyborcza in Radom.

Entrance free, just pre-register at: bilety.cojestgrane24.pl/dzienkobietBLUECITY

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