The Arts and Crafts Fair

The Arts and Crafts Fair is a periodic event where you can find the most fashionable accessories, jewelry, ceramics and many home furnishings. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration and gifts.

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Calendar of fairs 2024

Art and Handicraft Fair

7-10 February (Wednesday-Saturday)

6-9 March (Wednesday-Saturday)

3-6 April (Wednesday-Saturday)

22-25 May (Wednesday-Saturday)

11-14 September (Wednesday-Saturday)

2-5 October (Wednesday-Saturday)

27-30 November (Wednesday-Saturday)


Our Exhibitors



Dabe Mariusz Zalewski

ecological soaps

Minerals Art

jewelry with precious and semi-precious Stones

Felicia Stępień

themed costumes, books from own collection, gifts

Top Mark Centre s.c. Marek Majewski, Sylwia Majewska

foreign books and collectibles

Veronika Marković

surgical steel products

Slawomir Nowacki


Nes Concept Store Monika Kępczyńska

ladies’ clothing

Robert Prządka

leather clothing

Agnieszka Zalewska

Products made of alpaca wool, wool silk and cotton

Joccos Design Slawomir Kwiatkowski

designer jewelry

Andrzej Górecki

paintings and knitted clothes

Małgorzata Grześkiewicz Jewelry

sweet jewelry

Katarzyna Czajkowska

From Nature With Love jewelry made of natural plants, minerals and Baltic amber.

Good Life sp z o o

functional and decorative ceramics

Artistic Studio Alegoria

Functional ceramics

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