The choice of tenants is one of the most important criterium which impacts on the success of the shopping centre. In Blue City we choose our tenants in such a way so that they meet the differing tastes and needs of our customers. We take care that well-known brands have space in Blue City as well as market debuts and promising projects.



Thanks to the wide passage ways and large amount of shared space, we can add to our business proposition strong offers for kiosks and promotional stands


In Blue City we organise around 70 events annually. These are trade fairs or cultural-entertainment events, the organisation of which is made easier thanks to the large central shared space on level -1.


For issues related to rental of retail space, including for temporary stands and kiosks please contact:
Anna Gut, anna.gut@bluecity.pl, tel.: 22 311 70 21


For issues related to advertising in the Shopping Centre, and the organisation of events and promotional activities including space rental for events please contact:
Patrycja Jaworska, patrycja.jaworska@bluecity.pl, tel. 22 311 70 13


For issues related to taking part in the Trade Fairs:
Jerzy Hanusz, jerzy.hanusz@bluecity.pl, tel.: 602 770 068

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