Sports spring at Inca Play

On April 20 at 2 p.m., Inca Play is launching a sports spring! Be sure to take part in it! The programme of this unusual event includes plenty of great attractions for children and adults, including such amusements as family tug-of-war, sports puns, climbing wall races and outdoor games in which every small and big adventurer will be able to test themselves.


Such fun is a great way to encourage children to be more active and integrated, as well as a cool family activity that will leave you with lots of fantastic memories, so we strongly encourage you to participate in this unique spring event.


Beautiful, indelible memories are also guaranteed by birthday parties for children organized at Inca Play. If you want to surprise your little ones and present them with something more for their birthday than a cake and another toy for their collection, throw them a party in the best playroom in Warsaw.


The offer of this place includes not only a countless number of fantastic attractions and entertainment for children and a large selection of birthday packages, where you can entrust professionals with the entire organization and coordination of the party, but also amenities for adults that also ensure comfort, convenience and a nice time during the birthday party for children. Here everyone always has a great time, and everyone can count on a corner for themselves and delicious refreshments that suit their needs and preferences. There will also be a free parking space for everyone in the multi-level parking lot of our shopping center.

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