Selfie Space – Pop-up edition

The interactive exhibition Selfie Space is an event for all lovers and fans of photography. Thanks to the impressive scenography (as many as seven interesting spaces), photos or videos taken here will look exceptionally attractive on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok recordings, and the fun itself will provide an unforgettable experience.


The spaces in which you can take photos in Selfie Space – Pop-up Edition are as follows:


FlowerBox: An intimate alley with a beautiful wooden swing amidst a romantic pastel floral arrangement, for which as many as 1,400 flowers were used. This place simply inspires photos in airy, bright styles.


ColorBox: It’s a real madness of positive colors! This setting will surely make you feel childishly happy and carefree. You’ll take great photos here in motion and fun boomerangs.


RainBox: A yellow and blue energetic place with a minimalist, surprising scenography, which thanks to the playing with color and the underslung umbrella allows many interpretations and ideas for a unique photo.


YellowBox: Can you walk past it and not say “wow”? This scenography is a real bomb of positive energy! After all, who wouldn’t smile at the sight of a yellow fairytale bath with 2,000 little yellow rubber ducks?


2sidesBox: A two-colored café theme that divides the space perfectly in the middle with fuchsia and navy blue. It makes a great arrangement for photos for two. Two people, two temperaments, two colors. Different, yet matching personalities!


Lovely Point: A light, delicate setting with fans in white, pink and fuchsia. Amidst the underslung fans, you can feel like you are in a fairytale land.


Sweet Cafe: Gold and powder pink are the perfect duo. The soft velour padding on the armchairs and walls, as well as the detailing of the feminine café will make you feel cozy and special. This is what you need for the most beautiful selfie.

Getting here