Regional Products Fair

When the Regional Products Fair started sixteen years ago, no one probably expected that it would find its loyal clientele, because no one had organized this type of events in Warsaw yet. Initially, it was probably sentiment that worked, because for many people, sausage from Podlasie or handmade sourdough bread is not only a tasty product, but also memories. Memories that can be shown to children raised in the city – because Blue City is a center that focuses on families.


However, anyone who thought that you can only expect eco-products, such as oscypek cheese from Podkarpacie or kartacz from Podlasie, would be wrong. Over these dozens or so years, the Fair has evolved because the tastes of Poles have also evolved. Today you can also find delicious products from regions outside Poland. For example, meats from Hungary and olives and wines from Azerbaijan, loved by customers. The fair can serve as culinary and travel inspiration, but also as an extension of your vacation.

Lista wystawców:


Wiewióreczka (dumplings, red borscht)

Adam (cold meats from Podlasie)

Gospodarstwo rodzinne Agnieszki Gremzy (grapeshot, farm eggs and cheese, home-made donuts)

He-Bart Ekofiber (organic meats)

Państwo Stelmańscy z Sierpca (bread with lard, pickled cucumbers)

Smaki Azerbejdżanu (olives, wine, vegetable pastes)

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Pszczelnik (honey)

Bacówka na Wójciźnie (oscypek cheese, highlander cheeses)

Piekarnia gzik (breads and cakes)

Swojskie jadło (cold cuts, pickled cucumbers, cabbage)

Gospodarstwo ekologiczne Państwa Mąka (goat cheeses)

Zagroda Roztocze (Biłgoraj piróg, regional pastries, cold meats)

Nalewki staropolskie Karol Majewski (award-winning traditional liqueurs)

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