New Edition of the Veturilo Station

Bike enthusiasts have been able to use the bike rental station near Blue City for several years. After a few months of absence, the Veturilo station has reappeared in the same location, right at the entrance to the center from Al. Jerozolimskie, but in a completely new form and with a new rental system.

The station has 10 U-shaped bike racks, without the characteristic electronic lock that caused difficulties for many users. Borrowed bikes will no longer need to be attached to the rack, only the lock on the rear wheel within the station area needs to be closed. This allows more space for privately owned bikes to be left here, which was prohibited in the previous system.

This is already the third location near Blue City where bike enthusiasts can leave their vehicles. Bike racks have been available at the entrance to the shopping center from Al. Jerozolimskie and at the entrance from Opaczewska Street for several years, under the surveillance of cameras. These locations also feature self-service bike repair stations with the necessary tools to fix minor issues.

We invite you to choose a bike as a means of transportation.

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