“Home is where I am” – an exhibition of photos taken by children and youth from refugee families from Belarus and Ukraine

“Home is where I am” is an exhibition that is the aftermath of the project Close Cultures, implemented by the Humanosh Foundation, with the support of Teatr Nowy from Warsaw, and financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.

The Humanosh Foundation has been cooperating and trying to support artists from Belarus and Ukraine for years, and thanks to these contacts, the idea of workshops was born. The purpose was to help in adapting and integrating young people in a new environment, country and new culture.

For several months, two teams conducted classes for children and teenagers in Warsaw, both outdoor and stationary. During the workshops, young people could learn the basics of photography, but also see how photography can tell a story and convey their own experiences.

The first team was headed by Julia Szabłowska, a documentarian, journalist, head of the photography department at the only independent Belarusian television Belsat. The second group, working in Teatr Nowy, was led by the creative duo KANAPLEV+LEYDIK (Julia and Eugene Kanapleidiki), i.e. two Belarusian photographers who create emotionally strong and memorable images.

Until February 25, the exhibition will be based by the fountain (level -1), and then it will be moved to the corridor next to the post office.

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