Charming Beijing in Blue City

What is Beijing really like? Exotic, mysterious, distant and full of contrasts. Now there’s a chance to see for yourself. On the 26th of August in Blue City there will be an event organised by the Beijing City Office of Culture and Tourism.

The history of Beijing can be traced back 3000 years! What more can the inventors of the compass, paper and porcelain be proud of? Why is it worth visiting Beijing? It’s hard to count the attractions of this city. Beijing is the capital and political centre of China, but it is also a place where modernity mixes with old Chinese traditions. This will also be the case during the event “Charming Beijing”, where the participants will be able to get to know both the traditional and modern faces of Chinese culture.

The event’s program contains many attractions, amongst them a display of traditional Chinese dance and Kung Fu and workshops to show how the deeply symbolic operatic masks are made. Those who are interested in traditional Chinese clothes will be able to see and try them on and really find out what are their true characteristics. During the event a traditional tea making ceremony will also take place

A contemporary attraction to be found at the “Charming Beijing” event will be the “Beijing Virtual Reality Experience”, or in other words a virtual tour of the city with an exhibition of photographs about Beijing, including its history and its modernity.

The “Charming Beijing” event will start at 14.00. See you there!

  • Beijing attractions
  • Chinese culture
  • old traditional buildings and modernity

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