Whatever te changing trends and market conditions, our ideas remain the same. In the first place, we focus on the development of both the brand and our employees. Only by ensuring job security and opportunities for personal development can we develop a creative atmosphere. It has been always present in our company.


In our team, there are many exceptional people who, for several years, have dedicated their heart and talent to give women excellent collections. Their work has been recognized by the fashion industry and business – we have received for example the title of Doskonałość Mody (Fashion Excellence) of the “Twój Styl” magazine, the “Forbes Diamonds” award and, several times, the “Customers’ Laurel” awarded by customers. Those awards motivate us to action even more.


Today in Solar we employ nearly 800 people who work in our office and the stores network in Poland. The first shop with the Solar logo was opened in 1998, and now the network is created by 74 company’s retail outlets, 19 franchise outlets and 71 partner shops. We also cooperate with 18 partners from abroad, and we have 3 franchise outlets located in Germany and Luxembourg. And it is not all we want to achieve, since there is still a lot of cities whose residents we would like to offer our clothing to.

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