Nie jestem z cukru

Let us greet you at “Nie jestem z cukru”, a sweet heaven of a cake shop, where we prove that baked goods can be sugarlees, glutenless, vegan and most importantly delicious.

With us you won’t feel any regret, because all products we make are nutritious, great product quality wholefoods with some superfoods enriching the mix.

Our bakings can serve as a snack as well as a substitute for your oatmeal breakfast, just dig into one of our cakes.

We prepare our goodies based on the knowledge of a dietician, confectionery prowess, experience with food allergies and the latest trends in the world of cake making.

You can order a cake or a small test jar to get a taste of what you want to go for. You can order vegan cakes, candy bars, cupcakes, and meringues online or you can just come and grab the cake yourself, either to go or to eat in.

We are at level -1 or online:


Mon – Sat – 10:00-20:00

working Sunday 10:00-20:00

Getting here