Costa coffee

All coffees are based on the legendary Mocha Italia blend. The story of COSTA COFFEE began in 1971, when Italian brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa created their own, unique Coffee blend Mocha Italia and therefore started their own company in Great Britain under the name COSTA.

The ingredients of Mocha Italia are a very well kept secret. The coffee beans are slowly roasted and this makes their flavour fuller and deeper. The criteria of COSTA COFFEE are very strict – only 1% of coffee produced worldwide meets the company’s quality requirements.

COSTA COFFEE means new quality. You can find here a great breakfast menu with fresh, crunchy and tasty baguettes. Also, you can find lunch meals straight from the oven, yummy quiches for the busy ones and fit mini-salads for those who watch their weight.

Guests of COSTA COFFEE will find their favourite coffees – all the CHAI lattes, Strawberry Extreme, Mango Delight and Very Wild Berry, frozen latte, White Chocolate Mocha, and Sticky Toffee Cooler.

In COSTA COFFEE you will find qualified baristas and a friendly atmosphere. This is the place for a nice break in the middle of the day and a new quality of your favourite coffee.

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