Regional Products Fair

Hams, fish, country cheeses from Korycin, goats’ cheese, mountain cheeses, sour dough bread, home-made cakes, honey, pickled fruits and vegetables are only some of the products which you’ll be able to find during this edition of the Regional Products Fair. From our exhibitors you’ll also be able to find products prepared following old Polish recipes and regional dishes made without any preserving chemicals, artificial ingredients, colourants or aromas. In addition, lovers of international cuisine will be able to find something tasty for sure from the exhibited specialities from Hungary, Greece, Italy, Azerbaijan and Syria. At this fair it’s for sure possible to get to know completely new tastes and try traditional Polish products directly from their producers, get to know their history and how they are made.


  • regional specialities
  • home-made foods
  • products direct from the producers.

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