Regional Products Fair

Another Fair of Regional Products is on the way. As every month, fans of healthy food and regional specialties will be able to buy high quality products straight from producers.

Traditionally, on level – 1, by the fountain, stalls with cooked meats, cheese, fish, bread, honey, fruit, vegetables and liqueurs will be waiting for lovers of good food. You will be able to taste and buy, among other things, oscypki (a kind of traditional Polish mountain cheese), cheese from Korycin, kartacze (a traditional Polish dish), home-made oils and mustards. The fair is a great opportunity to meet local food producers and do some healthy and tasty shopping. Cuisines of the world will be represented by products from Azerbaijan, Hungary and Spain.



WIEWIÓRECZKA MAGDALENA MARCZYK – dumplings, potato pancakes, soups


GREMZA AGNIESZKA FAMILY FARM – country cheese, potato pancakes, eggs, doughnuts

He-Bart Ekofiber Henryk Bartlewski – cooked meats

PPUH Stelmański – bread from Sierpc, lard and thick slices with lard, gherkins

PPHU PATRYCIUSZ SIUDY – fish from Lake Żywieckie, hot and cold smoked with the use of fruit wood, alder wood and beech wood

HUNGPOL Joanna Wojtowicz-Petrovitcs – Hungarian products, cooked meats, purees, spices

Tastes of Azerbaijan – teas, halva, olives

Pszczelnik Beekeeping Farm – honey

JANUSZ JANUSZKIEWICZ – honeys from the Podlasie region, as well as bee pollen, wax candles, wax and other bee products

WÓJCIZNA SHEPHERD’S HUT A. STOCH – oscypki (a kind of traditional Polish mountain cheese)

GZIK BAKER’S – bread and cakes

SOKÓŁ JERZY HOME COOKING – home-made cold meats, cabbage, cucumbers,

Sabina and Mieczysław Mąka Organic Farming – various kinds of goat cheeses, cranberries, mushrooms

Zofia Kaproń Roztocze Farmhouse – piróg biłgorajski (a traditional Polish dish), cooked meats

OLD POLISH LIQUEURS – home-made liqueurs made according to traditional recipes

Studio of Cosy Things MOMONOMO – alpaca products

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