Learning Adventures – Children’s Day in Blue City

This traditional day celebrated by all children will last longer than one day in Blue City. This year, from May 29th to June 1st we are delighted to invite kids to take part in a special adventure which combines learning with fun. The list of attractions is so long that for sure every child will find something that interests them. The main part of the program will be spectacular demonstrations of scientific experiments as well as workshops with robotics. The kids will be able to build and program a variety of constructions, such as a smart house with its own windmill, the moving jaws of a crocodile, SUMO robots, spy robots and humanoids. At the same time there will be an exhibition of the greatest scientific phenomena, with interactive exhibits. For young scientists there will also be other attractions such as the game Knoocker, Sphero (Labyrinth), Photony and Mindflex, thanks to which kids will learn how to lift up balls with the power of their minds! Children’s Day in Blue City will truly be an unforgettable experience.

Getting here