In accordance with the regulation of 21 December 2020, from 28 December to 17 January 2021 a ban on retail trade will be in force in commercial or service facilities with areas over 2000 square meters. However, grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, bookstores, pet stores, construction shops, furniture stores, car accessories and telecommunication services may operate in the galleries.

Moreover, such facilities will be forbidden to engage in service activities, excluding the following services: hairdressing, cosmetic, optical, medical, banking, postal services, issuing and collecting parcels, insurance, vehicle repairs, car washes, locksmiths, shoemakers, tailors, laundry and catering services consisting exclusively in preparing take-away food.

It will also be prohibited to conduct retail trade or service activities on commercial islands.

We will publish a list of the open shops in Blue City on and in social media.

From December 28th to January 17th people staying in shopping malls, stores and markets are required to wear disposable gloves or use hand disinfectants.

In stores and post offices, no more than 1 person per 10 SQM can stay at the same time in the case of facilities and outlets of no more than 100 SQM. In case of facilities with the area of more than 100 SQM, 1 person per 15 SQM may stay at the same time.

The hours for seniors are also maintained – from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 am grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies and post offices will serve only people over 60 years old. The hours for seniors will apply in all these places in our Centre, from Monday to Friday.

Catering facilities are closed to guests, sales can only be made on take-away and delivery. Meals should not be eaten on common areas of the shopping centre.

Amusement parks, cinema and fitness clubs remain closed.


The obligation to wear masks in all public places, including commercial or service facilities is maintained. It is obligatory to cover the nose and mouth.


On common areas of the shopping centre there are a number of rules related to safety, such as:

– a strict order to cover up one’s nose and mouth in public spaces;

– keeping the distance of 2 meters between people;

– avoiding gatherings of people;

– public gatherings allowed up to 5 people;

– avoiding touching things without needing to,

– stores and service venues are obliged to put in a visible place information about the number of people who can be at the same time on the surface area of the store or venue.

In the entrance from Opaczewska street there is a mask sales point and changing room open on weekends.

The Blue City Shopping Centre is open to customers from 10:00 to 22:00 Monday to Saturday and to 20:00 on Sundays. From 9:00 am EUROSPAR supermarket and pharmacy are open. Currently, some of the venues are open at different times, determined individually by the employees. The opening hours of individual venues may change dynamically. In order to plan a visit, we suggest to contact the venue directly.

On non-commercial Sundays there are additional trade restrictions as before.


What measures have been taken against the epidemiological threat in Blue City?


We keep an eye on the developments closely and follow the guidelines of the state and local government authorities. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health and other state authorities are monitored and implemented on an ongoing basis. Among the tenants of the commercial and office part, information materials on prophylaxis and prevention of infections as well as guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate for retail outlets have been disseminated.


In the restaurant part, tables’ organization and additional disinfection activities were introduced, in accordance with the government guidelines on epidemic prevention.


In the common areas of the toilets, cleaners and washbasins with running water are available, the dispensers contain antibacterial soap. At the entrances to the Centre and at the level +2 there are also dispensers containing disinfectants. The service personnel are equipped with masks and protective gloves. All toilets and entrances to Blue City have been provided with information on the applicable recommendations. The screens and the audio system broadcast the appropriate messages.

As a part of the work of the company responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the Centre, additional procedures and activities have been implemented. Toilets are cleaned and disinfected during the day according to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate guidelines. Additional activities include: disinfection of metal railings and escalator railings, garbage bins and catering sales counters.

Automatic parking payment machines at the parking lot on the level -2 are disinfected. Trade-free days (Sundays) are used for additional cleaning and disinfection of common areas. Ventilation systems are set for maximum use of fresh air from outside.

  • Banks,
  • Books,
  • Clothes,
  • Electronics,
  • Footwear,
  • For children,
  • Groceries,
  • Hairdresser,
  • Health and beauty,
  • Home & decor,
  • Jewellery and accessories,
  • Lingerie,
  • Services and other,
  • Toys,

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