Egurrola Cup

During the Egurrola Cup tournament, the best dancers of the teams and tournament groups of all Egurrola Dance Studio schools will perform on stage. Among them we will see semi-finalists and finalists of Egurrola Summer Cup – a tournament held during the summer Egurrola Dance Summer camp in Falenty. Small groups, i.e. several-person representations of each team, will also compete for the win.

The winners of the Egurrola Summer Cup podium places from open groups, who will perform disco dance, jazz dance and hip hop, will be also on stage.

During these two days, we will be able to admire the extraordinary talent, passion and commitment of the dancers, who have been giving their all throughout the summer vacation to present the results of their work in front of the public in September! This is a fantastic inauguration of the new dance season for them and a chance to win championship trophies!

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