Easter Fair on-line? Yes, it’s possible!

Hams, fish pates, country cheese from Korycin, goats’ cheese, mountain cheeses and many other natural home-made delicacies as well as products from Greece, Turkey and Italy – can now be delivered direct to your home!

To care for your health, we have specially prepared together with our suppliers an innovative solution that allow you to order these foods without leaving your house.

Below you will see more detailed information about how to do it.

Contact: wedlinazkorycina@wp.pl
Tel.: 513 121 732, 513 121 627
Delivery details: packages are sent by courier after pre-payment.
Offer: sausages, cold meats, pates, roulades, sirloin filets, hams, deli dishes.

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne  Wojciech Czernigowski
Contact: wojciech-czernigowski@o2.pl
Tel.: 508 295 350
14-520 Pieniężno, ulica Ojca M Żelazka 13
Offer: Honey –  from lime trees, buckwheat, acacia, rapeseed, multi-floras, facella, dandelion, honeydew, as well as pollen and propolis.

Sklep Węgierski Papryka
Contact: hungpol@onet.pl
Tel.: 602 620 623
Free delivery to city of Warsaw!
Offer: Hungarian and Bulgarian products, cold meats, vegetable pastes, spices, wine.

Vimedlux Violetta Nowakowska
Contact: perunicicradovan@live.com
Tel.: 730 380 710
BLUECITY Discount Code:  250zl
Free 24 hour delivery anywhere in Poland
Offer: Kuyings low speed juicers

Szydłowianka Śliwka w Czekoladzie
Contact: tel. 797 355 094
Dolina Purpurowa/Purple Valley Sp. z o.o.
Stary Ratusz, ul. Rynek 21, 28-225 Szydłów.
Offer: SZYDLOWIANKA, Plums in chocolate, artistic hand-made chocolates, plum jams, plum and orange jams, plum chocolate jams, dried plums from Szydlowa.

Nalewki Staropolskie Karol Majewski i Wspólnicy Sp.  zoo
Contact: nalewki@nalewki.pl
Tel.: 22 864 65 47, 501 301 819
Delivery information – TNT courier
Offer: liqueurs – 32 flavours

Pasieka Januszkiewicz
Contact: k-ontakt@wp.pl  
Tel.: 603 644 747, 502 453 766
Delivery information: individual collection possible in Warsaw, or by post/courier.
Offer: honey, bee pollen, propolis, wax candles, wax and other apiarist products.

Meli Deli Greckie Delikatesy
Contact: sklep@melideli.pl
Tel.: 22 620 57 27
Delivery possible to whole of Poland via well-known courier companies. More details on our website.
Offer: All Greek products – olive oil, olives, feta cheese, other cheeses and yogurt, honey, herbs and spices, sweets, cosmetics and many other things.

SMAKI-GRECJI.PL Shop with original Greek taste
Contact: sklep@smaki-grecji.pl
Tel.: 517 238 088
Delivery details: Free delivery for orders above 200zl.
Offer: original Greek products: olive oil, olives, wine, honey, nut pasta, fruits in syrup, vinegar, natural soap from olive oil, shampoos and hair conditioner in a bar form.

Contact: gremza@op.pl
Tel.: biuro 85 72 19 323, 8.00 – 16.00 Monday -Friday
Offer: Korycin cheeses

PPHU IMZA Krzysztof Gadomski
Contact: gospodaswolowo@gmail.com
Tel.: 609 814 233
76-206 Swołowo 6
Purchases possible via Allegro(link from website) or telephone order. Delivery by courier within 3 days of making order (cost approximately 16zl. For orders more than 100zl delivery is free.)
Offer: Goose: half smoked goose, goose sausage: home, garlic, pepper, filled goose neck, goose pate, goose fat, goose meat dumplings.
Game: kabanos sausage from wild board, wild boar pate, venison pate with mushrooms, wild boar sausage.
Pork: smoked ham, Farm pork chops, different hams, smoked bacon.
Poultry: white sausage from turkey meat, duck pate with cranberry, ham from turkey meat, dumplings with duck meat filling

BARTLOWIZNA Wyroby Tradycyjne
Contact: zmowienia@biebrza.com.pl
Tel.: 502 772 594
Delivery information – by DPD courier – styrobox with ice – cost, approx. 30zl.
Offer: hams, sausage, pates, cold meats from game

Gospodarstwo ekologiczne: Goats cheese, Various preserves
Contact: eko_grale@wp.pl
Tel. 604 417 025
Orders for chosen products can be made by telephone, delivery by post or courier with payment on delivery. Cost depends on size of order. We can give product availability and price also by telephone. Everything depends on size of order. In our goats’ cheese assortment, we have cottage cheese balls with black cumin in oil, dried cheese with spices, smoked, „blue”, cottage cheese, and butter. Also available are preserves cranberry, quince, apple vinegar, pumpkin and plum mousses, pepper-pumpkin sauce, bilberries, mushrooms, nuts and other things.

Contact: biuro@artwilk.pl
Tel.: 606 987 568, 604 503 679
Delivery information: available for whole country.
Offer: hand-decorated Easter eggs, wood artefacts, icons, pictures, decorations

WIEWIÓRECZKA  Magdalena Marczyk
Contact: tu.wiewioreczka@gmail.com
Tel.: 606 130 740
Delivery information: Payment by card to driver possible. Orders above 5 kg in Warsaw free delivery.
Offer: THE BEST DUMPLINGS are made by our mothers and grannies. This is because they put their heart into their work. This is the philosophy of Wiewioreczka, to approach every task with love, joy and a bit of the magic of a grandmother’s kitchen.

Blue City does not take responsibility for the payment, realisation or delivery of any products ordered from exhibitors of the Regional Food Fair. The above details are only intended to aid direct contact with the individual sellers.

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