Easter Fair

Traditionally, just before important holidays like Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day, Blue City hosts fairs to help customers prepare. It is no different before this year’s Easter. For 12 days, at the fountain on level -1, you will be able to buy themed decorations to decorate your home – there will certainly be a theme of bunnies, chickens and the obligatory Easter eggs. The Easter Fair, however, is primarily intended to help customers organize their holidays. Until Easter Friday, it will be possible to buy baked goods from artisan bakeries, but also mazurki or handmade sourdough for sour soup or fresh country eggs. At the Fair we will also meet producers of cold meats well known to Blue City customers from the Regional Product Fairs. The popularity records are broken each time by dried sausages smoked with smoke from fruit trees. In a word: Easter like years ago – far from industrial food production.

Getting here