Thirsty for a starry atmosphere? We’ve got it! We have just finished hanging Christmas decorations both inside and outside Blue City, and we must admit that it is really beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights effectively dilute the late autumn gloom and put us in a joyful mood of waiting for the first star.

Inside, Santa’s gnomes are waiting for visitors to hang stars, wreaths and baubles in the fervor of holiday preparations. The illuminations were specially designed for Blue City and made with energy-efficient LED bulbs. An additional attraction exciting especially for the youngest is the fact that some of the decorations are movable.

The cone standing in front of the center’s main entrance has been covered with tiny light bulbs so as to bring to mind a snowy spruce tree from afar. Complementing the exterior decorations are the distinctive, almost three-meter-high baubles, which we traditionally hung on the facade of the building. See for yourself, by the way! You are welcome!

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