Carnival fun at Inca Play

The carnival has arrived, and with it a time for wild parties. If you want to join in the colourful fiesta, be sure to take part in the carnival ball on Saturday, the 10th of February, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., organised by Inca Play, the best children’s playroom in Warsaw. On this day, guests can count not only on the power of smiles and joy usually provided by the attractions available at Inca Play, but also on new and unique emotions, which will certainly be provided by entertainment and games that are unexpected in this place on a daily basis. The event’s programme includes a disco, puns, wheel of fortune, piñata and a cooking workshop, during which participants will have the opportunity to bake delicious cookies and make Thai ice cream with sprinkles themselves. Children can also expect gifts – anyone who wears a carnival costume to attend the ball will receive a 15% discount on the purchase of an entrance ticket to Inca Play as a gift!

We have no doubt that this children’s carnival will go down in your memory as an amazing event, because Inca Play organises the best children’s parties in Warsaw. This also applies to birthday parties – every party is always a fantastic experience for its participants, both young and old. Children can run wild in their favourite areas of the playroom and fill their bellies with treats, while their guardians can enjoy each other’s company and equally wonderful treats in a separate area of the parent café. A great time is guaranteed for everyone at Inca Play.

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