Arts and crafts fair

Just before 14 February, the four-day Arts and Crafts Fair will come to Blue City. The upcoming edition is a salvation for all those who have no idea for a gift for their other half and shudder at the thought of anything with a heart design. And by no means the pleasant ones. This doesn’t mean, however, that Valentine’s Day traditionalists won’t find something for themselves here – quite the contrary. The artists, designers and craftspeople who appear at the Fair make sure each time that some of their new items are related to upcoming occasions – from Christmas to Grandmother’s Day to Valentine’s Day. Whether you have already found your other half or are looking to please yourself, the one purchased at the Fair will undoubtedly be unique.

During the next edition of the fair, we will meet:

Ewa Kaczanowska of the Alegoria studio, who creates functional ceramics;

Andrzej Górecki with knitted paintings and clothing;

Mansako – leather goods

Kinga Witkus-Wyrzykowska creating jewellery as part of her brand Allora;

Krystian Prekiel – surgical steel products

Chorągiwe Stołeczna ZHP – handicrafts created by scouts

Dorota Płoszaj – artistically quilted bedspreads, pillowcases, table napkins

Kamila Woronowicz – jewellery and paintings

LC Łucja – designer clothes;

Lemon Lovely, aka Anna, making the sweetest jewellery imaginable;

Bohozone – streetwear clothing

Janusz Naumienko – independent fashion collections

Robert Prządka – leather clothing

Felicja Stępień and her handicraft

Agnieszka Zalewska – cuddly toys, products made of alpaca wool, silk, wool and cotton

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