Arts and Crafts Fair

Although the official start of calendar winter is still almost a month away, the first frosts are already behind us. That’s why, during the second of our November Fairs, we encourage you to pay closer attention to items made of wool – sheep’s, but also alpaca or merino wool – because people involved in handicrafts generally rely on high-quality materials. However, the fair is not only about quality, but also about unique pieces – after all, each product is handmade.

Although due to the cyclical nature of the event, we try to inspire customers to search by highlighting a selected aspect of the products, regulars know that there are no limits at the Arts and Crafts Fair. Exhibitors are united by passion and the fact that they make each piece with their own hands – techniques and materials sometimes vary. Thus, at the Fair you will find, among others, artistic and functional ceramics, home accessories made of wood, jewelry made of various materials (from silver, through semi-precious stones, to leather and wood), but also toys or hand-painted scarves. And the enumeration by no means ends there. Stop by and check it out!

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