Arts and Crafts Fair

There are many definitions of art. It is simpler with handicraft – it is simply the product of the work of one’s own hands. PWN would probably add here something more about aesthetic and/or aesthetical qualities. Most of us end our adventure with handicrafts at the elementary school stage. What does it take to continue it? Undoubtedly, manual predisposition, but above all perseverance and passion, and already, especially when we want to share our creativity with others. The artists and craftsmen hosted monthly in Blue City are just such people – not only do they love what they do, but they have devoted many hours and materials to perfecting their craft. Creativity? That can’t be bought.

At both November Fairs we will meet:

Ewa Kaczanowska of the Alegoria studio, which creates functional ceramics;

Veronica Markovic with surgical steel products;

Dominika Tyńska with natural stone jewelry;

Andrew Górecki with knitted paintings and clothes;

Minerals Art with precious and semi-precious stones;

Kinga Witkus-Wyrzykowska creating jewelry under her brand Allora;

Slawomir Nowacki and his collection of antiques;

FC Lucja – author’s clothing;

Kokliko, which are natural cosmetics made by a Polish-French couple;

Our Misz Masz is Marta Bień creating mainly from felt and silk;

Blank – handmade, personalized leather belts;

Lemon Lovely, or the sweetest jewelry imaginable;

Joccos Design is innovative jewelry using leather;

Momonomo – products knitted or crocheted from alpaca wool;

Felicia Stępień and her handicrafts

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