Arts and crafts fair

There are many reasons to give yourself a little pleasure. One of them may be the change of seasons. We dress differently in spring than in autumn. And it’s not just about temperatures, but also about what surrounds us. It is not without reason that in autumn we are more likely to choose heavier perfumes and more often wear burgundy and brown, or quite the opposite: subdued gray. The next Art and Handicraft Fair in October is a great opportunity to supplement your wardrobe with elements that will add character and originality to chain store styles. When we buy jewelry from artists who create it, or hats and sweaters from people who knit them themselves, we can be sure that no other piece is the same. And this even if a given craftsman made several copies of the same pattern. Traditionally, the fair will also feature home accessories and products thanks to which you can treat yourself to an eco-spa in your own bathtub.

Getting here