Arts and crafts fair

If Indiana Jones had become a homebody, he would probably have visited the Blue City Arts and Crafts Fair from time to time. After all, it’s not easy to grow out of treasure hunting.


Homeowners, unlike adventure hunters, look for crystal skulls only for Halloween. On a daily basis, they prefer accessories such as decorative pillows and cups. However, there is something that all treasures have in common, regardless of whether we are talking about a photo frame or a lost ark – they are unique. Just like the things you can find at the Blue City Arts and Crafts Fair.


On level -1, for four days you will be able to meet artists and craftsmen with their latest products. There will be fluffy sweaters made of noble materials such as silk and alpaca, a number of brands offering original jewelry, but also every autumn lover’s favorite gadget – scented candles that make it seem like the fluffy weather conditions are quite favorable.


List of exhibitors:


Pracownia Artystyczna Alegoria Ewa Kaczanowska (utility ceramics)

Katarzyna Kowalska-Superek (clothes)

Andrzej Górecki (knitted paintings and clothes)

Robert Prządka (leather clothing)

Minerals Art (products with precious and semi-precious stones)

Allora (handicraft)

Agnieszka Zalewska (products made of alpaca, silk, wool)

Kokliko Nicolas Quintin (natural cosmetics)

Joccos Design (original jewelry)

Camelio Hand Made Candle (candles)

Lemon Lovely (“sweet” jewelry)

Bohozone (clothes)

Upi (jewelry and chakras)

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