Active winter in the city with Inca Play

Can winter holidays in the city be fun? Yet how! But good fun needs to be helped, especially if it is to be developmental at the same time. Thankfully, there is the Inca Play playroom, where pure entertainment is mixed with learning resourcefulness and cooperation or practising agility. There is a range of play areas for the youngest children – a safe climbing wall, “tree” houses, a monkey grove, as many as seven slides of various types and the children’s favourite merry-go-rounds – a Ferris wheel and a pirate ship. The Inca Play is also home to a team of experienced animators and supervisors, who provide arts and crafts, chemistry and nature workshops, as well as outdoor games.


The playroom is happy to host excursions from day care centres, kindergartens and younger classes of primary schools, which are not only an exciting diversion for the kids, but also an opportunity to integrate the group and build friendships. During the winter holidays, Inca Play invites not only parents with children, but also all organised groups, in particular participants of half-term and winter camps. The playroom has also arranged special prices for children participating in the capital’s “Winter in the City” programme.  Organised groups can additionally rent one of the fabulously colourful rooms, where children can relax and have lunch prepared by the Italian bistro operating within the Inca Play to return to play with a new dose of energy.

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