A meeting with Peppa Pig and George

A big surprise for the young ones! Peppa Pig and her brother George will visit Blue City!

Peppa is the little one’s favourite protagonist all around the world, since 2004 she conquers their hearts as an animated character from the Peppa Pig TV series. She is frisky, curious and loves adventures.

Adventures in the form of numerous attractions will also be waiting for the participants of this event.

For the youngest ones we prepared multiple strenght and knowledge-oriented competitions in which they will be able to win many prizes.

The kids will also be able to take part in a singing and dancing class, moreover, give a concert with Peppa Pig and George. Competitions such as checking the knowledge about Peppa, or the loudest grunt seem to be the most promising.

In the land of creativity, we will have puzzles, drawing and colouring classes awaiting the children.

At the balloon ZOO the little ones will pick up or make new balloon toys themselves. In between all the attractions there will also be a good manners lesson with Madame Gazelle, a strength game, and favourite pranks of Freddy the fox and lastly, face painting.

At the Peppa forest camp you will gain knowledge about different insects and in the car that belongs to Peppas dad you will be able to pose for a picture with a background of Peppas house.

Moreover, throughout the whole event a playground with huge toys will be available. A journey into the colourful world of Peppa Pig will make any child smile.

We invite you from 11am – 7pm.

Free entrance!

Getting here