CREATIVE CENTER is a place of inspiration and artistic development for everyone, the only one of its kind in the entire capital city. Here, craftsmanship meets passion, creativity meets innovation, and ecology meets education.

In the “SHOP” section of the Creative Center, you can find unique handicraft and upcycling projects. New owners can discover products such as original ceramics, decorative items, handmade toys, unique graphics, and extraordinary decorative elements. All directly from Polish creators.

In the “WORKSHOP” section of the Creative Center, there is a space where various activities take place, including:

Creative classes for organized groups, schools, corporate clients

Smaller, intimate workshops, and artistic meetings

The workshop space is equipped with sewing machines, power tools, and hand tools. Customers can use them to create their own projects under the guidance of qualified educators.

Creative Center welcomes visitors during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 12-20

Saturday and Sunday shopping days: 10-20

*Workshop schedule will be available soon at

Getting here