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Most of the shops and service points in Blue City are open.


There are also restaurants and cafes, a common restaurant area on the level +2 (food court), hairdressing and beauty facilities that operate in the centre – special guidelines apply in these places, one can read them here: https://www.gov.pl/web/rozwoj/wytyczne-dla-branz


There are a number of rules related to the sanitary regime, such as:

– an order to cover the nose and mouth in public spaces;

– keeping a distance of 2 meters between people;

– avoiding gatherings of people;

– prudent assessment of a number of people who can enter shops, toilets and lifts;

– avoiding touching things when it’s not necessary;

– prohibiting the use of recreational furniture and recreation areas;

– in restaurants and cafés, appropriate seating distances must be maintained;

– you can expose your nose and mouth when eating meals.

Detailed guidelines for trade can be found on the Government’s website at: https://www.gov.pl/web/rozwoj/centra-handlowe


In the entrance from Opaczewska street there is a mask sales point.


What measures have been taken against the epidemiological threat in Blue City?


We carefully observe the course of events and follow the guidelines of state and local administration bodies. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health and other state authorities are constantly monitored and followed. Among the tenants of the retail and office part, information materials on infection prevention, prophylaxis and guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate for retail outlets have been distributed.


In the restaurant part, tables’ organisation and additional disinfection activities were introduced, in accordance with the government guidelines on epidemic prevention.


Toilets in the common areas have cleaning supplies and washbasins with running water, the dispensers contain antibacterial soap. At the entrances to the Centre there are also dispensers containing disinfectants. The service personnel are equipped with masks and protective gloves. All toilets and entrances to Blue City have been provided with information on the existing recommendations.


Additional procedures and activities were implemented as a part of the work of the company responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the Centre. Toilets are cleaned and disinfected during the day according to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate guidelines. Additional activities include disinfection of metal railings and escalator railings, waste baskets and gastronomic counters. Automatic parking ticket offices at the car park on the level -2 are disinfected. Trade-free days (Sundays) are used for additional cleaning and disinfection of common areas.


The entrance to the Enel Med clinic is completely separated from the other open parts of the Shopping Centre, comings and goings take place through separate corridors and a lift.

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