Goodie application and My Blue City card



Blue City Loyalty Card

Blue City shopping center has prepared special offers, discount coupons and promotions for Loyalty Card holders. Join the program today to enjoy great discounts and specials! With the Loyalty Card you will be up to date and you will not miss any discount.

How to join the loyalty program? It’s easy. All you need to do is install the free goodie app on your smartphone, available Google Play or the App Store. Then go to the “Cards” tab and create a Blue City Loyal Customer Card. You can also store your other loyalty cards there and have them always at hand.

If you don’t like overpaying, you will quickly discover that you can gain even more with goodie! In the application and on you will find discounts and coupons for stores all over Poland. Up-to-date information on sales, special events in shopping malls and discounts only for goodie users are waiting for you here. You will receive notifications about the most important discounts and offers from your favorite brands. In the app you will also find magazines from the largest retail chains and you will be able to conveniently prepare a shopping list.

If you like convenience of online shopping, goodie is for you! Thanks to the cashback program, you will receive a refund of some expenses for online purchases. Take goodie shopping and you will discover how much you can save up!



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