Pijalnia czekolady wedel

At level -1 of Blue City Commercial Centre, in a new Pijalnia E. Wedel, apart from classical drinking chocolate and E. Wedel brand products, one can buy light beverages with chocolate, cakes and sandwiches. All propositions from the menu are also available to take away.

All E. Wedel Chocolate Pump rooms are famous for their perfect hot beverages and hand-made pralines. A dozen or so kinds of drinking chocolates are available and they are served in various ways: hot, cold and in the form of exquisite desserts. These are both dessert and milk or white chocolates.

The major direction of development of the Pump room is in introducing new flavours of drinking chocolates, creating new desserts and hand-made pralines. All these unusual goodies are made in the Delicacies Studio under the vigilant eye of Chocolate Maestro – Janusz Profus.

Apart from caring for taste and the highest product quality, tremendous attention is also paid here to the appropriate personnel, who guarantee kind and cultured service and make every customer feel like an exceptional, long-awaited guest.

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